Autumn Off The Mat and Into the Woods: Mandala Forest Walk, Dance, and Sip

1-3pm Meander, Create & Dance
3-4pm Sip, Eat & Connect

$45 SoulShine Members with code MEMBER5

Our River City offers breathtaking, ever changing scenery. This did not come from a script or an instruction manual. Nature has a divine way of knowing how to create the most exquisite beauty throughout the changing seasons. As we take our practice out of the studio off of our yoga mats, we will meander through the woods and collect meaningful bits of our surroundings ranging from pine cones to rocks to sticks to feathers and other various gifts Mother Nature has to offer. At the culmination of our walk, we will gather to make an offering to our loving Mother Earth by piecing together a mandala with the treasures that we have found. This will be a celebration of the natural artistic ways of this planet and of the beauty of recognizing it. A day-pack or bag of sorts is encouraged for your treasure collection along the way and we also encourage you to bring something to stay hydrated!

After our walk, let’s connect and celebrate with some music, movement and magic under the infinite sky? We’ll use Silent Disco Headsets to move like water and wind, connecting to the music, ourselves, each other, and the soft Earth beneath our feet as we move solely and unapologetically for pleasure! Nia is based on the idea that exercise can feel fun and nourishing – inside and out! No experience is necessary; it’s all about feeling good rather than looking good.

After our outdoor dance ceremony, we will be heading to Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream for an hour of chillin’ and sippin’ on somethin’ warm and soothing.

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Nov 20 2022


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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