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Oct 10 2020


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm



Dancing the Enneagram – via ZOOM

Dancing the Enneagram – ‘A Nia Gram’

A Playshop to discover and dance YOU!
Balanced with conversation, FreeDance & Nia class Movement
Begin your journey of the Enneagram by learning about each type~and the movement flow around the symbol.
Discover yourself by moving these nine ‘personalities’ through your body to integrate your full potential~

Balanced in:
head (mental)
heart (emotional)

Using Nia and Enneamotion techniques, we examine the qualities of sacred geometry by dancing to music that embodies each type.
We end with Kate’s Enneagram routine ”A Nia Gram”!

Come ready to learn, dance and express your unique self!

Kate Finlayson began her Nia journey in 2005. She received the profound gifts of loving & healing her body, mind and spirit. She has been a part of the Nia Training Faculty since 2012.

Her husband Chris introduced her to the Enneagram in 1996 after he attended a Richard Rohr Men’s Retreat. She was drawn back to the Enneagram in 2013 and started training with the Enneagram Institute in 2014. She has studied with Russ Hudson for the last 4 years and trained in Andrea Isaac’s Enneamotion in 2016.

She is honored to be invited to Richmond, where she spent a summer at Theatre Virginia many moons ago!

Oct 10-Part 1 Dancing the Enneagram 1-3pm
1pm Meet the Participants
1:30pm Type 8
2p Type 9
2:30 Type 1

Oct 17-Part 2 Dancing the Enneagram 1-4pm
1pm Check in
1:15 Type 2
1:45 Type 3
2:15 Type 4
3p ‘A Nia Gram’ class

Oct 24-Part 3 Dancing the Enneagram 1-4pm
1pm Check In
1:15 Type 5
1:45 Type 6
2:15 Type 7
3p ‘A Nia Gram’class

This workshop is limited to 20 participants.
Register early!

$95 Regular Price
$75 SoulShine Annual Members (please use the discount code MEMBER20 to receive your discount)

“As a student of the Enneagram, and a beginning practitioner of Nia, this Enneagram Playshop led me to new awareness and deeper integration of my basic enneagram type. I experienced an expansive understanding, but more importantly, a new relationship with each personality expression that has fostered a deeper respect for myself and the other. Ultimately as we grow in mind/body/spirit awareness we cultivate the integration of all nine types so that we become one with all. I left the workshop knowing which types were calling me to grow, explore and befriend. Now my Nia practice supports my evolution toward ever deepening transformation.”
~ Cindy Neely, Spiritual Director, Chapel Hill, NC

“Kate did a fantastic job with the Dancing the Enneagram playshop! I loved how she weaved the nine personality types with the nine movement forms of Nia and had us dance a song for each type. The “Nia-gram” routine was the perfect end to the program and helped put it all together. I can’t wait for Part 2!”
~Janice Horner, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Raleigh, NC

“Kate brings vibrancy, humor and passion to this highly compelling workshop. It is filled with deeply useful information and multiple opportunities to dance expressively. Five stars!”
~Anna Corba , Artist, Chapel Hill, NC

-Kate has the gift to inspire and instruct with her contagious enthusiasm and insightful observations. She shared her knowledge of the Enneagram as she guided us through the nine types, encouraging our unique and expressive selves in dance. “Dancing the Enneagram” was an enlightening and transformative experience.
~Antonia Beh, Professional Dancer, Chapel Hill, NC

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