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Jan 23 2021


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Non-Members $90 / Soulshine Members $75

Human Design Workshop

Let your SoulShine!

Systemic Self Care: Mastering Your Uniqueness

What is the most natural in you is your most valuable resource. The very things we judge ourselves for may actually lead to our success. Learn how to be your best self in a world that seems to ask you to be something else. Master your unique potential to live your best life and to influence the world.

Week 1: Intro to Human Design
Week 2: Energy Centers (Chakras)
Week 3: Design Profiles

Tuition: Non-Members $90 / SoulShine Members: $75 (Please use code MEMBER15)

About Diana…
Diana Cale Kennedy is founder of LeaderSHIFTnow LLC, a consulting firm devoted to advancing noble purpose, humanizing business, and inspiring systemic success. Diana has served as a Transformational Leadership Coach for individuals, organizations, and communities for over 25 years.

Born and raised on the west coast of Scotland, she brings a fierce fascination with freedom and an exploration of what it means live, lead, and succeed on our own terms.

Understanding that no two people are the same, her leadership development methods harness uniqueness to transform productivity and performance for maximum satisfaction and success.

Diana’s experience includes deep study in health, healing, holistic fitness, integral leadership and organizational transformation. She has devoted her life to navigating personal and professional complexities of not just surviving but thriving.

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