February 2021 Newsletter

February 2021 Newsletter

The Upside of 2020

2020 marked SoulShine Studios’ first full year in operation.

What a year!
Reflecting back, it’s easy to hone in on the challenges, disappointments, and struggles of such a historic year. Deeper reflection reveals triumphs, accomplishments, expansion, and impact. We continue to move forward together.

In no particular order, here are a few SHINING successes of 2020:

Inaugural SoulShine Yoga Immersion

Niki led 29 students and teachers through 12 weeks of alignment principles and yoga philosophy, deepening our practice on and off the mat.

Social Justice & Community Engagement

  • We raised over $5000 to support local and national nonprofit organizations including Feeding America, Girls for a Change, Side-By-Side, and A Giving Heart.
  • We initiated socially conscious pricing and the Soul Movement Fund, which helped us provide hundreds of free and affordable movement classes and trainings for those in need.

Education and Leadership

  • Mare committed countless hours training to become a 3rd Generation Nia Trainer, including retaking multiple Nia Belts.
  • Niki completed Nia 52 Moves & MOVE it mentoring program.
  • Jessica completed Yoga, Purpose & Action intensive and was approved as a Yoga In Action Facilitator.

Safe Space for Deep Discussion

In our SoulShine Book Club, we dove deep into numerous topics including anti-racism, yoga & social justice, the Enneagram, stress & the patriarchy, and The Four Agreements.

Expanded Community

Through our online classes, we hosted students, teachers and facilitators from around the world. We partnered with Wintergreen Resort, offering virtual classes to new friends “out west”.

Creative Expression

MaJessNik and students collaborated to choreograph SoulShine’s first routine, Hello.

Magnified Gratitude

We continue to be blown away again and again by the love and support of our SoulShine community. Thank you for lighting us up, taking care of each other, and sharing your hearts.

An Invitation to S H I N E !

Our February Self Love Special welcomes you to take care of your mind, body and spirit.

$75 for unlimited virtual yoga and Nia for 30 days + access to our on-demand video library.

BONUS! Attend 12 or more classes (in 30 days) to earn a SoulShine T-shirt!

The fine print…

  • Your 30 days begins when you take your first class.
  • All passes expire after 30 days or 3/31/21.
  • Includes all regularly scheduled SoulShine Yoga and Nia classes.
  • We offer Nia online 6 days a week and we offer Yoga online 7 days a week!
  • Does not include Outdoor Nia, Feldenkrais, Partner Yoga or special classes/events.

Our Artist-in-Residence, Bosha, is once again coordinating a drive to support The Giving Heart. Her goal is to create unique Secret Senior Valentine bags for 10 women and 10 men. The bags will offer a loving and thoughtful gift of essential toiletries, warm weather items and a few personalized touches to independent-living seniors within the Greater Richmond Metropolitan Area.⠀
The recipients are identified through collaborative efforts of law enforcement, senior communities, senior activity centers and home health organizations.

We are reaching out to ask for donations or a monetary contribution to help purchase items for these bags. Items can be left at SoulShine Studios on Wednesday February 3 between 9 and 10 am or by appointment. For monetary donations (SUPER HELPFUL!) please email Bosha at bb.nelson@verizon.net. (Venmo, check or cash)⠀

Items requested:

Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Lotion, Hand Sanitizer, Chap Stick, Tissues, Band Aids/First Aid Kit, Flashlight, 2021 Calendar, Gift cards (grocery store, fast food)

6:30 – 7:45 EST (Zoom)

You won’t want to miss out on this one!
Our star studded teachers include
Jessica and George
Niki and Jason
Join us for some fun partner yoga poses with a friend/family member/loved one.
We will make the practice accessible for everyone as we play with basic poses together in the comfort of your own home.

$25 per partnership for non-members
$20 per partnership for members (use code MEMBER5)

“My most recent life’s journey has been an unraveling of my being, my stories, and my heart seeking to reveal the truth of who I am. With the unpacking of each story there is one constant. My true desire is to feel loved and accepted for who I am. To truly be and feel WORTHY NOW.

I invite you to join me for a Nia movement experience steeped in massaging, nurturing and strengthening the tendrils of love and acceptance. Our embrace of acceptance and love is not suddenly gained, but something that needs our attention to be cultivated, called upon, and crafted. It’s deep work and perhaps the most important investment of our life force energy.

This routine, Worthy Now, was conceived in November 2020 on a solo road trip from Lyons, CO to San Diego, CA. The ingredients were oh so juicy… open road, stunning scenery, a curated playlist, Brené Brown’s audiobook, The Gifts of Imperfection, and hours upon hours of time by myself to be myself.

As a Nia Somatic Artist, it is my deep desire that this routine inspires and moves others to unravel and unfold into themselves and land in the embrace of love & acceptance. Each song and every move was crafted with self love and reveals a sacred part of who I am and my unique embrace of love and acceptance.

I am honored for the invitation to share this creation with you and the SoulShine Community. I would love to see, move and dance with each of you. After class, there will be a meet & greet where we will have the opportunity to get to know each other through words and sharing.”

Jasmine Lok
2nd Degree Nia Black Belt, 3NGT and Owner of Defined Motion Studio
Lyons, CO

$13 for SoulShine Members (discount code MEMBER5)

Our January series with Diana SOLD OUT so we’re bringing her back!
SoulShine Studios is thrilled to welcome back Diana Cale Kennedy to share her genius with us.

Let your SoulShine!

Systemic Self Care: Mastering Your Uniqueness

What is the most natural in you is your most valuable resource. The very things we judge ourselves for may actually lead to our success. Learn how to be your best self in a world that seems to ask you to be something else. Master your unique potential to live your best life and to influence the world.

Week 1: Intro to Human Design
Week 2: Energy Centers (Chakras)
Week 3: Design Profiles

Regular Price: $120
SoulShine Members: $105 (Please ask us to get the discount code)

We are so very grateful for you!

With love and thanks,
Jessica, Mare and Niki

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