Nia is feel good fitness for the body, mind and soul. It is a barefoot cardio-dance, wellness practice that blends diverse, energizing music with easy to follow choreography. Moves are inspired by the power and precision of the martial arts; expression and playfulness of the dance arts; and the mindfulness of the healing arts. As an ongoing practice, Nia promotes mindful awareness of the body and increased joy.

Our Nia Classes


The Nia Technique is a movement practice for the body, mind and soul. It is a cardio-dance, fitness practice that blends energizing music with simple choreography. Moves are infused with the power and precision of the martial arts; expression and fun of the dance arts; and the mindfulness of the healing arts. Nia can be easily adapted for each person. More than just a workout, Nia is a holistic approach to health designed to address the body, mind, emotion and spirit. As an ongoing practice, Nia promotes mindful awareness of the body, holistic fitness, and a well-being lifestyle.

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Nia Moving to Heal

This class supports people looking for a gentle approach to Nia and for those dealing with a wide range of therapeutic issues from injury, trauma, grief, short-term to long-term illness. Learn to slow down and personalize movement to fit your body’s way while focusing on the sensation of feeling better move by move, breath by breath. Improve feelings of wellness regardless of physical condition. Everyone welcome.

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MOVE it ®️

This class it is a new and unique approach to cardiovascular interval training. The class is based on NiaTechnique’s 52 Moves and is designed to bring conditioning to every body part, muscle group and joint in a 60 minute experience. Move IT classes are distinguished by somatic coaching, sequential intervals that isolate and integrate Nia movements and choreography designed to deliver 4 types of conditioning: aerobic, anaerobic, reflexive and voluntary.

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Nia FreeDance

This class is a barefoot 60-minute movement class designed to awaken the artist within and to stimulate an individual’s Art of Conscious Dance.

Guided by a trained and certified Nia FreeDance teacher, participants explore their own movement in their own way and in their own time. Participants dance to soul-stirring music, eclectic sonic landscapes that provide cellular resonance to evoke self-expression, and unleash movement creativity. The 4 parts of Nia FreeDance explore the integration of body, emotion, mind and spirit through a unique focus for each Nia FreeDance experience.

This class is open to every Body. No previous experience necessary.

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Nia Five Stages

The Nia Five Stages is an integrative movement practice based on five developmental moves: embryonic, creeping, crawling, standing and walking. Retracing the stages in an adult body is a pathway to reclaiming the body’s natural strength, flexibility, mobility and neural plasticity.

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What to Expect

If this is your first time visiting SoulShine or your first time trying a Nia class, we know that you may like to arrive prepared. This information will help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Before you visit, please explore our Online Schedule to choose your class. You may choose to read all of our class descriptions to ensure you are taking a class that is appropriate for your fitness level and interests.

Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Nia Workout

Adapted from Nia Teacher Susan Tate

  • Do not eat for at least 1 to 1 1/2 before class.
  • Bring water to class.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that you love moving in—Nia is designed to be enjoyed barefoot. If you would like to wear shoes please bring soft soled shoes that are for indoor use only.
  • LISTEN to your body’s wisdom. Start easy. Be gentle. Keep up with YOU, not anyone else. Learn to keep your interest and fascination UP and your self-criticism and judgment DOWN.
  • Don’t be surprised if you feel emotional following a Nia class or later on in the day. Sometimes these movements have a way of gently digging into the muscle memory (similar to a good massage) and it results in emotions floating to the surface. It’s always okay to have the tears (of grief or joy) during a Nia class too.
  • There’s no need to force a motion. If your body doesn’t respond well to a movement, feel free to tweak your movements to find more comfort and pleasure. This puts positive, loving information into your muscle memory. Your cells will love it!
  • Make the movement become an expression of you. This is your workout! Nia is about JOY! No two people in the class should ever look the same.
  • Use your arms to express a feeling, an emotion, or mood. Using your arms elevates your heart rate and increase conditioning too. You will find that using your voice (in Nia we call it “sounding”) will stimulate and strengthen your core.
  • Take at least three classes a week to obtain optimal cardiovascular fitness. Nourish your body with Nia, healthy food, loving self-talk, and restful sleep and you will see and feel results far beyond changing the shape of your body!