SoulShine March Newsletter

SoulShine March Newsletter

Dearest SoulShiners,

Movement is Medicine!

Thank you so much for making our SoulShine Online classes a success for the Studio and, based on the feedback we have received, for YOU.

For at least the next several weeks, we’ll be streaming classes via Zoom.

During this time when so much is changing, these classes will be available for a reduced rate of $10 per class.
If you are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to pay or would appreciate a further discount please still register for class – it’s our honor to support your wellness practice.

You will see options in our store:

  • $10 online class – regular rate for online classes
  • $5 online class – discounted rate for online classes
  • $0 online class – yes, please- I need a free class.

All classes are included (aka FREE) for SoulShine Annual Members.

If you currently have a 10 class pass or a 4 class pass, you may use that to pay for online classes.

  • If you are new to SoulShine, please create an account on Wellness Living or through our website.
  • Register for the class using the Wellness Living Achieve App or through the schedule on our website.
  • Check your email for the Zoom link and save that email – it’s what will get you into the class. If you do not receive an email from Zoom, email us at
  • Download Zoom Mobile Apps or Zoom Desktop to your desired device. It’s free and you need the software in order to view the classes.
  • 5 minutes before class starts, click the email link to join the online class!

Questions? Email us at

We thank you for supporting us as a new small business. Of course we never expected this to happen when we renovated our space to build the perfect studio and lounge.

Shine On!

(aka Marybeth, Jessica & Niki)

Tips to Make Your Zoom Expereince Better

Sometimes the audio or video in Zoom becomes choppy or distorted. There are things you can do to enhance your experience and to help your internet to work optimally to deliver the class to you. In general, being part of a Zoom class is using a lot of your internet connection’s “bandwidth”. In other words, your internet “capacity” is being taxed.

Here’s what you can do to get the most out of your online Nia class experience.

Use the best Internet connection you can.

In general:

  • Wired connections are better than wireless (WiFi or cellular) connections.
  • WiFi connections are better than cellular (3G/4G/LTE) connections.

Plan ahead for Zoom meetings, and as often as possible, join Zoom meetings from a location where you can use a fast, reliable, wired Internet connection.

Mute your microphone.

When your microphone is on, Zoom will devote part of your Internet connection to an audio stream for you, even if you are not speaking.

When you first sign on, you will get a message that says “To join others, please join audio”. You will have 3 options:

Call using Internet Audio – select this option

Dial In


This will allow us to say “hello” before the class starts.

The teacher will mute your microphone while we are having class. This will allow Zoom use your Internet connection more effectively.

Stop your webcam video. 

When your video is on, Zoom will devote part of your Internet connection to a video stream for you and this may add to distortions.

If you like, start your video at the beginning/end of class – to say “hello” and check in.

When we start class you may choose to stop your video. This will help you see and hear us better. (We love to see you dancing if you choose to keep the video on(

Disable HD webcam video.

Sending high definition (HD) webcam video requires more bandwidth than sending non-HD. Disabling HD video will free up more of your Internet connection for other parts of your Zoom meeting.

Although you will only be sharing your video at the beginning and end of class (if you choose to do so), it will still help your internet connection if you disable your HD video.

How do I disable HD video in the Zoom Client?

From within the Zoom Client:

  • Click the “Home” tab
  • Click ” Settings”
  • In Settings, click the “Video” tab
  • Uncheck “Enable HD”
  • Close the Settings window

On a Mac, you can access these settings when signed into Zoom from the top right-hand corner of your screen. Click on the icon that looks like a camera (the first symbol on the left), and you will find the “Video settings” which you can change.

For some reason you cannot change these settings from your browser or from your mobile device, only by clicking on this icon.

Sorry I don’t know whether PC is the same – I could not find that information. 

Close other, unneeded applications on your computer.

Zoom meetings can demand significant memory and processing power from your computer. Closing other applications, ones you do not need during the session, will help Zoom run better.

Avoid other activities that will steal bandwidth.

Don’t start other bandwidth-intensive activities just before, or during, a Zoom meeting. On your Zoom device—and as much as possible, on other computers and devices that share your Internet connection—avoid:

  • large downloads
  • large uploads
  • streaming video (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube)
  • cloud backups (e.g. Carbonite, CrashPlan)
  • cloud file synchronizations (e.g. OneDrive, Dropbox)
  • other high-bandwidth activities

If all else fails, sign out of the meeting then join back in again!

The information for this document was found here:

Created by Stephen Gadsby, last modified on Mar 16, 2020


SoulShine Studios is only 10 months old! If you would like to help sustain our operations, we would be most grateful. Here are a few options:

Membership fees are our major source of income. Even though we are unable to operate the studio or boutique, we still have lots of expenses: rent, insurance, music licensing …. If you are a member and can continue your membership while our physical location is closed, we are most grateful.

We understand this may not be possible and if you prefer to put your membership on hold during this time please send an email to info@soulshinestudios and we are happy to take care of that for you.

Other options to support us during this time include

We thank you for your enthusiasm, support and love. We feel it and you have helped sustain us as we make this transition.

We are all in this together and we will continue to dance though life.