Spotlighted in Holiday Retail in Richmond

Spotlighted in Holiday Retail in Richmond

We were spotlighted in the River City Magazine’s Holiday Retail in Richmond article! Here’s the excerpt:

SoulShine Studios

Also located at the Stony Point Fashion Park, the award-winning SoulShine Studios, offers joy and serenity to nourish and replenish body, mind, and spirit, through the movement and mindfulness of Nia and Yoga.

Owners/friends Jessica Forsythe, Marybeth Grinnan, and Niki Schemmel are renowned, trusted teachers who create a welcoming environment for all students in the positively energizing classes, educational workshops, and immersive retreats.

“We’re the only dedicated space that is specifically for Nia and Yoga, that are mind/body practices,” says Schemmel, “So it’s a sacred space for people to come and not only work out their bodies, but to have a place to express their spirit and connect with their minds and hearts as well. Nia is a practice that includes dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts,” Schemmel explains.

“I love the balance between yoga and Nia,” Forsythe adds. “Because Nia offers a lot of freedom— freedom in movement, freedom from self-judgment, and a lot of connection and community, which also helps our well-being. And then yoga offers strength and stability and some personal reflection and connection with inner breath, so there’s some inner work as well. The combination of Nia and Yoga is such a nice balance for well-being to manage the chaos that life can become,” Forsythe says. “We all need connection and community and a safe place to be ourselves.”

Newly-opened earlier this year, SoulShine Studios has received tremendous praise  by grateful participants who say the experience is truly uplifting.

“Giving this to someone as a gift is a nice act of love and really encourages them to be their best self,” says Grinnan. “Nia is for Every Body (with capital letters). What we mean by that is the class is adaptable for everybody. We have a woman here who is 89 and comes to our classes—she loves it!  We welcome children who want to come and pay attention and be in class. We have Niki’s daughter— she loves taking class. It’s really a wide range of people, which I think is different and special,” says Grinnan.

“We deserve to be the best versions of ourselves,” encourages Forsythe. “This is an opportunity to experience that—and to focus on our own growth and our own potential and our own empowerment—with the support of very kind, non-judgmental and helpful community.”

SoulShine Studios invites you to experience this firsthand.

The joy-filled website offers a depth of helpful information to keep you in-the-know about upcoming retreats and all class offerings:

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